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China's Foundry Industry Needs to Speed up the Adjustment of Industrial Structure

We will accelerate industrial restructuring. Improve industry concentration, eliminate backward production capacity, promote the accumulation and industrial transfer of small and medium-sized enterprises; adjust the organizational structure and ownership structure of enterprises, promote the merger, reorganization, restructuring and product structure adjustment of enterprises through supporting the excellent and strengthening, maintaining pressure, so as to realize the scale and specialization of foundry enterprises; foster characteristic industrial clusters and build foundry industrial parks to improve the quality of foundry enterprises. Guided by the level of specialized production, a number of large leading enterprises with international competitiveness, specialized production centers and "specialized, refined, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise groups are fostered to form an industrial pattern with complementary advantages and coordinated development. We will accelerate the adoption of new technologies, equipment and processes with high efficiency, energy saving, dust removal, consumption reduction and emission reduction. Improve material utilization and productivity, reduce consumption and reduce sewage discharge. Actively develop modern manufacturing service industry, and gradually realize the transformation from single production type to manufacturing service type. We will actively explore overseas resources and markets.

In the context of the impact of the international financial crisis, all kinds of element resources have accelerated their flow around the world, and the price, supply and demand balance are constantly changing, which provides opportunities for enterprises to implement low-cost expansion, breakthrough technology, talent and resources. It provides an unprecedented opportunity and a broad stage for Chinese enterprises to implement the strategy of going out and exploit and integrate overseas resources and markets. Improve the standard system of foundry products. Standards are always at the highest level of the industry. Improve the standard level, promote the popularization and application of new technology, new technology, new equipment and new materials, eliminate backward products and processes, actively participate in the formulation of international standards, and follow up the development trend of international advanced technology. Strengthen enterprise management and talent team building. Improve the scientific and standardized management level of foundry enterprises in an all-round way. Promote advanced management technologies and methods at home and abroad, and establish a full-staff, whole-process, all-round quality management system and quality integrity system.

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Contact person: Manager Sun   18553605389

Tel: 0536-7257699 Address: Hualong Industrial Park, 719 Hailong Road, Hanting District, Weifang City

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