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What is casting? The development of casting?

Casting is a process in which metal is melted into a liquid that meets certain requirements and poured into the casting mould. After cooling, solidification and cleaning, the casting with predetermined shape, size and properties can be obtained. Casting is one of the basic processes in modern manufacturing industry, because the casting blank is nearly formed, and achieves the goal of no mechanical processing or a small amount of processing, which reduces the cost and time to a certain extent.

Development of Casting

Foundry is one of the basic processes of modern mechanical manufacturing industry, so the development of foundry industry marks the production strength of a country. At present, China has become one of the largest foundry machinery countries in the world, and has made great achievements in the foundry machinery manufacturing industry in recent years.

During the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, foundry machinery manufacturing was highly valued by the former Ministry of Machinery and Electricity. It invested the largest special technical reform loan and key cost since the founding of the People's Republic of China, which supported the development and development of foundry machinery industry products. "Manufacture of large shot blasting cleaner", "Vertical parting box-less injection moulding machine", "Development of recycling equipment for sodium silicate sand used sand", "Metal moulding equipment" and so on have been developed and applied.

During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, the foundry machinery industry undertook and established the task of "the complete set of technology and equipment for the refinement and high-efficiency moulding and cleaning of car casting blanks", "the development and development of the high-efficiency continuous shot blasting cleaning line for cylinder block" and also achieved a complete success. In 1999, the project of air impact moulding line with high-level national key problems was completed.

During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the main economic indicators of foundry machinery industry grew by more than 30% annually, which was higher than the average growth level of machine tool industry. In particular, the profit growth was faster, and the average annual profit growth was as high as 46%, while maintaining a high level of market sales. In addition, resin sand casting complete sets of equipment can basically meet the domestic market demand, changing the situation that in the past mainly depends on imports; has been able to produce a higher level of automatic casting production line, which can partly replace the import level, partly solved the car engine block, cylinder head and other casting blanks also need to be imported; high-level automatic core-making machine, automatic casting cleaning Foundry machinery, such as machine management, automatic sand treatment machine, large-scale automatic die casting machine and precision casting equipment, can basically be produced and manufactured in China. It should be said that during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the product level of foundry machinery industry has been greatly improved, which lays a good foundation for the further development of China's foundry machinery industry in the future.

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Contact person: Manager Sun   18553605389

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